Positive Affirmation Discs (4mm Oak)

Positive Affirmation Discs (4mm Oak)

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Thickness: 3mm

This listing is for a beautiful set of Oak Veneer Positive Affirmations. Perfect to attach to the wall for a little 'pick me up' or saying your affirmations daily.

Laser cut from 4mm Oak Veneered MDF, they will have an initial 'burn' smell when you open the packaging and darker sides from being laser cut. These are unavoidable in the process.

The large central positive affirmation disc, 'My Life is Beautiful' is approximately 20cm diameter, with the other 8 discs approximately 10cm diameter. Approx overall dimensions when set out like photo are 45cm x 45cm.

The smaller affirmation discs are laser engraved with the following affirmations:

I am brave
I am important
I am enough
I am loved
I am strong
I am smart
I am kind
I am fierce

Discs can be stuck to the wall with command strips.

We are more than happy to alter the wording on these discs if you would like, please just get in touch and we can organise a custom order.

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